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dendritic cells and their task?

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Dendritic cells belong to our innate immune system as do macrophages and other cells of our immun system.

In simple terms, dendritic cells are so-called progenitor cells  before they get in contact with foreign bodies such as viruses, bacteria, fungi or degenerate cells, such as tumor cells. The so-called progenitor cells then  mature to dendritic cells when getting in contact with the afore mentioned foreign bodies. In 1973, Dr. Steinman and his team recognized the potential of these cells in the cancer therapy. Today, dendritic cells can be used for gentle and effective cancer therapy with a high chance of tumor load reduction.

Dendritic cells are our helper cells in the immune system to locate the tumor for the killer cells.

Krebstherapie bei Erhaltung der Lebensqualität

life quality

Many physicians also prefer the combination with chemotherapy or radiotherapy so the side effects are often alleviated

dendritische Zelltherapie Immumedic

Dendritic Cell

The quality of life is maintained, the body is spared and the tumor is combated. The quality of life also helps to fight the tumor.

Chemotherapie mit dendritischen Zellen kann helfen den Krebszu besiegen

combination therapy

We help you with our doctors in the fight against cancer

Immunotherapy for Cancer

dendritic celltherapy

Immuntherapie gegen Krebs mit Immumedic

Every day we are surrounded by viruses, bacteria and fungi. Our immune system tries to save and protect us every day of our lives. Tumor cells also develop every day, since our cells divide up to 1 million times within 24 hours. Here and there it comes to mutations which are usually corrected. However, if a tumor cell is not destroyed by our immune system and can continue to mutate, metastases develop which spread throughout the body through our blood circulation and settle down somewhere. Often after years either by pain or by chance by regular examinations the tumor is recognized. Today it is possible to determine already in the blood whether a tumor is present and how many tumor cells can be detected on 1ml blood. Specialists can draw conclusions from this as to how likely a tumor in the body can lead to problems.

ImmuSeroForte the natural cell death

Apoptosis is part of our lives. Cell death is a natural process with which we can live well. However, cancer cells can prevent our immune system from receiving the information and natural cell death no longer takes place. The cancer cell mutates further, the signaling is disturbed and the cancer cells spread throughout the body. 10 year studies say:

"Most people don't die of the primary tumor but of the metastases!"

The apoptosis (natural cell death) is disturbed - The immune system cannot intervene and help! ImmuSeroForte can help to reactivate the signaling and to support the immune system.

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Doctors and scientists all over the world have the same opinion:

"Only our own immune system can free us from the burden of cancer."

Dendritic cells whether modified with antigens (trained, primed, loaded) have the best chances of tumor load reduction. Today, dendritic cells can also be used for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatic diseases or HIV, Allzheimer's and many other diseases.  The natural cells protect us and help us survive. Help your immune system with DCs!

Mediziner helfen zu beurteilen ob eine dendritische Zelltherapie auch Aussicht auf Therapieerfolg haben kann

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